• Dr. Jonathan Kelly


    Prof. Kelly is the Director of the STARS Laboratory, and has research interests in 3D computer vision, probabilistic modelling, estimation theory, and machine learning.

Current Students 
  • Valentin Peretroukhin

    Ph.D. Student

    Valentin studies how visual localization can be improved through deep learning.

  • Lee Clement

    Ph.D. Student

    Lee is investigating how machine learning algorithms can be used as an enabler of long-term visual navigation.

  • Brandon Wagstaff

    Ph.D. Student

    Brandon is working on improving foot-mounted inertial tracking of first responders using machine learning.

  • Trevor Ablett

    Ph.D. Student

    Trevor is working on learning-based modelling techniques for mobile manipulator task execution in collaborative environments.

  • Oliver Limoyo

    Ph.D. Student

    Oliver is working on enabling mobile manipulators to learn how to interact with unstructured and dynamic environments.

  • Filip Maric

    Ph.D. Student

    Filip is exploring the connection between state estimation and motion planning in collaboration with the LAMoR group at the University of Zagreb.

  • Matthew Giamou

    Ph.D. Student

    Matthew is working on theoretical performance guarantees for safe robotic perception and estimation.

  • Jordan Marr

    Master's Student

    Jordan is designing generalized spatiotemporal calibration algorithms for lidar-camera and lidar-IMU sensor pairs.

  • Emmett Wise

    Master's Student

    Emmett is working on sensing and localization techniques for mobile vehicles using ground penetrating radar arrays.

  • Olivier Lamarre

    Master's Student

    Olivier is working on energy-aware planning and sensing for planetary rovers using surface and orbital data.

  • Tobias Ulrich

    Master's Exchange Student

    Tobias is completing his Master’s on an exchange from ETH Zurich. He is working on human-robot cooperative manipulation.

  • David (Yilun) Wu

    Undergraduate Research Student

    David is working on autonomous docking of tail-sitter aerial vehicles.

  • Gaven Ma

    Undergraduate Research Student

    Gaven is using methods from convex optimization to certify point cloud registration solutions as globally optimal.

  • Erin Richardson

    Undergraduate Research Student

    Erin is working on improving simulation for our mobile manipulator, and street sign detection for the AutoDrive autonomous vehicle project.

  • Jason Wang

    Undergraduate Research Student

    Jason is working on computer vision algorithms for the autonomous tail-sitter aerial vehicle.

  • Jenni Lam

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student

    Jenni was working on improving our deep network for sun detection, Sun-BCNN, to better account for temporal consistency and vehicle kinematics.

  • Luke Volpatti

    Undergraduate Summer Research Student (2017)

    Luke worked on improving and expanding sensor calibration tools and updating our demo software.

  • Xinyi Li

    Former Mitacs Globalink Student (2017)

    Xinyi built navigation software for our self-driving wheelchair. Now at Zhejiang University.

  • Lingzhu Xiang

    Former Ph.D. Student (2017)

    Lingzhu’s research focused on visual navigation and its application in dynamic environments. Last at Google in Mountain View, California.

  • Jennifer Sun

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2017)

    Currently a PhD student in Prof. Aaron Ames’ AMBER lab at CalTech.

  • Ningwen Xu

    Former Master's Exchange Student (2017)

    Last at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

  • Willie Hsieh

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2017)

    Now at Honeywell Aerospace as a Systems Engineer.

  • Christine Lee

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2017)

    Now a graduate student in the Space Flight Laboratory at UTIAS.

  • Johnny Wang

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2017)

    Now a graduate student in the System Controls group at the University of Toronto.

  • Jason Yang

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2017)

    Now at Synapticon in Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Jacob Lambert

    Former Master's Student (2017)

    Jacob developed automatic lidar-camera self-calibration software. Now a PhD student at Nagoya University, Japan.

  • Yuan Liang

    Former Master's Exchange Student (2016)

    Last at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

  • Farid Akhoundov

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)
  • Wei-Kang Tseng

    Undergraduate Summer Research Student (2016)

    Wei-Kang helped to develop a trajectory design interface for ROS, and to port several internal libraries to Python.

  • Julian Coelho

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)

    Last at Amazon.com in Seattle, Washington.

  • Rahul Goel

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)

    Now at PheedLoop, a startup he co-founded during his undergraduate studies.

  • Alice Gong

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)

    Alice worked on the autonomous wheelchair project.

  • Charlie Guan

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)

    Charlie worked on the autonomous wheelchair project. He is currently a master’s student in Prof. Nicholas Roy’s group at MIT.

  • Tim Tang

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)

    Now a graduate student in Prof. Tim Barfoot’s Autonomous Space Robotics lab at UTIAS.

  • Fei Yu

    Former Master's Exchange Student (2015)

    Last at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

  • Faizan Rehmatullah

    Former Undergraduate Thesis Student (2015)

    Now a Member of the Technical Staff, Mission Systems at MDA.