Paper accepted at RSS 2018!

Work by our own Matt Giamou, in collaboration with Jonathan How’s Aerospace Controls Lab at MIT, will appear at Robotics: Science and Systems 2018 in Pittsburgh! The paper, “Near-Optimal Any-Com Framework for Resource-Adaptive Inter-Robot Loop Closure Detection,” focussed on loop closures under communications constraints. Congratulations Matt!

Welcome to new and returning students!

New students have joined our research group this semester! Matthew Giamou and Filip Marić have both returned as Ph.D. students, to work on theoretical guarantees for the general SLAM problem and task planning algorithms for mobile manipulation, respectively. Tobias Ulrich has joined us as a Master’s exchange student from ETH Zurich, working on human-robot cooperative manipulation.

Welcome to all!

Three papers accepted at ICRA 2018!

We’re excited to have three papers appearing at ICRA 2018 in Brisbane! Valentin will present his recent research on deep pose correction for visual navigation applications; Lee will describe methods to learn lighting-invariant scene representations (a.k.a., “How to Train a CAT”); and Oliver, Trevor, Filip, and Luke will present their work on mobile manipulator kinematic and extrinsic sensor calibration via force and contact. Head over to our Publications page for more details. Hope to see you down under!

Welcome new students!

Welcome to our new STARS Laboratory M.A.Sc. students!

Olivier Lamarre has joined us from McGill University to work on projects related to planetary rovers navigation and scientific exploration. Emmett Wise hails from Queen’s University, and will be exploring an exciting project involving vehicle localization using ground-penetrating radar!

We’re excited to have the new team members!

Prof. Kelly receives Connaught New Researcher Award

Our laboratory received a Connaught New Researcher Award (at the maximum funding level) for the proposal entitled “Seeing the Light: Advancing Visual Sensing for Robust and Reliable Robot Navigation and Manipulation.”

The award will assist in our efforts to use vision data for navigation and manipulation in very challenging environments, under large lighting and appearance changes.

Welcome 2017 summer students!

We’re happy to welcome new students for summer 2017: Filip Marić has joined us as an exchange student from the University of Zagreb, working on mobile manipulation as part of his MSc project, Yilun Wu from UofT Engineering Science will be conducting some exciting UAV research, and Luke Volpatti, also from Engineering Science, will extend our calibration tools. Looking forward to a great summer!

Paper accepted at ICRA 2017

Congratulations to Valentin and Lee, whose paper, “Reducing Drift in Visual Odometry by Inferring Sun Direction using a Bayesian Convolutional Neural Network”, was accepted to ICRA 2017 in Singapore! Hope to see you there for the presentation!

STARS at ISER 2016

Jonathan and Lee traveled to Japan this week for the 2016 International Symposium on Experimental Robotics (ISER) in Tokyo, where Lee presented his paper, “Improving Stereo Visual Odometry Using Visual Illumination Estimation”, to an enthusiastic crowd of robotics researchers from around the world. We had some great conversations over Japanese beer and fresh sushi, and took in the sights and sounds of Tokyo, narrowly avoiding a typhoon in the process. The next ISER is in Buenos Aires in 2018 — see you there!

Lee won one of six competitive travel grants to attend ISER, and has a cool certificate to prove it!

Lee won one of six competitive travel grants to attend ISER, and has a cool certificate to prove it!

Lee presenting his paper with the help of some smooth animations.

Lee presenting his paper with the help of some smooth animations.

Roboticists love silly photos.

Roboticists love silly photos.