Welcome to new and returning students!

We’re excited to kick off the fall semester with two news students! Adam Hall (co-advised with Prof. Angela Schoellig) will be working on interactive perception, and Justin Tomasi (co-advised with Prof. Sanja Fidler) will be conducting research with our self-driving vehicle platforms. Welcome!

Dr. Kelly named Dean’s Catalyst Professor

Dr. Kelly has been appointed Dean’s Catalyst Professor by the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, a title he will hold for three years. The Professorship is an early-career award to promote and accelerate the contributions of the Faculty’s most promising junior academic staff. Funding from the award will be used to further the Lab’s research in collaborative robotics.

ICRA 2018 Long-Term Autonomy Workshop talk by Prof. Kelly

Thanks to everyone who attended the ICRA 2018 Workshop on Long-Term Autonomy and Deployment of Intelligent Robots in the Real World; Prof. Kelly gave a talk about developing collaborative robots for long-term service roles (“Designing for Long-Term Autonomy: Experiences with Collaborative Robots”). The panel discussion was great!

Prof. Kelly elevated to IEEE Senior Member

Prof. Kelly has been elevated to the status of Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) – an award given for “significant contributions to the profession.” He began working with the IEEE as an undergraduate volunteer, initially holding the position of Student Branch Secretary.

Paper accepted at RSS 2018!

Work by our own Matt Giamou, in collaboration with Jonathan How’s Aerospace Controls Lab at MIT, will appear at Robotics: Science and Systems 2018 in Pittsburgh! The paper, “Near-Optimal Any-Com Framework for Resource-Adaptive Inter-Robot Loop Closure Detection,” focussed on loop closures under communications constraints. Congratulations Matt!

Welcome to new and returning students!

New students have joined our research group this semester! Matthew Giamou and Filip Marić have both returned as Ph.D. students, to work on theoretical guarantees for the general SLAM problem and task planning algorithms for mobile manipulation, respectively. Tobias Ulrich has joined us as a Master’s exchange student from ETH Zurich, working on human-robot cooperative manipulation.

Welcome to all!

Three papers accepted at ICRA 2018!

We’re excited to have three papers appearing at ICRA 2018 in Brisbane! Valentin will present his recent research on deep pose correction for visual navigation applications; Lee will describe methods to learn lighting-invariant scene representations (a.k.a., “How to Train a CAT”); and Oliver, Trevor, Filip, and Luke will present their work on mobile manipulator kinematic and extrinsic sensor calibration via force and contact. Head over to our Publications page for more details. Hope to see you down under!